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Not just stomping in clown shoes, but through mud. Uphill, both ways.

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I’ve become a fan of bitcoins.  They make sense to me.

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I highly recommend Air France and the Hôtel Au Manoir St Germain des Près in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.   I also recommend French Coca-Cola, it’s made with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.   What else…?  Oh, nutella crepes… I must learn to make nutella crepes.  Here are a few pics.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
The Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, photograph taken from the south

Close-up of the north rose window of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
Close-up of the north rose window of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

A statue in Pére-Lachaise
A statue in Pére-Lachaise

In the Ossuary of the Catacombs of Paris
In the Ossuary of the Catacombs of Paris

A view of the Tour Eiffel
A view of the Tour Eiffel

A view at night from the Tour Eiffel of the Trocadéro
A view at night from the Tour Eiffel of the Trocadéro.
This photograph is interesting in that the top of the Eiffel is so high, you can plainly see the curvature of the earth at the horizon (no, it’s not just the camera lens)

A view from the Arch de Triomphe
A view from the Arc de Triomphe with the Tour Eiffel visible.

I took about 700 pictures, so these are just a very few. We were blessed with wonderful weather, a little cool… but no rain during the short, short time we had. The hotel room was state of the art and not small, I never met a rude person (even the beggars were polite), the security at Charle-De-Galle airport was slow (but polite and efficient), and we had a marvellous time. Quite frankly, the flights on Air France were the best I have ever flown. We will be returning soon.

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My house got scanned again. I love these trees, you can’t see anything. Could be a huge party full of drunken dancing naked people inside, might be an old coot with a slingshot right behind that tree. Ya never know, ya know?

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“If you’re worried about food safety, and you like a ‘T’ in your ‘BLT’, you know elections matter.”

— Al Gore, endorsing Barack Obama for president, referring to the recent tomato recall, at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, 16-JUN-2008

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* Locate all television reception devices in the target domicile. They are easily confused with computer monitors, look for a “channel selector”.
* Find the power and information cables to each device. Using a pair of wire snips or cable cutters, cut the cables free of the devices.
* The devices are temporarily neutralized, however you are not yet free of their effect. They must be completely removed from the targeted environment. Also disengage any additionally connected equipment (“STEREO”), which are ‘multi use’ and may have some value.
* Once outside of the target domicile, the devices can be rendered nearly harmless by discharging small arms through the viewing plate. This has propaganda value, perform this act publically if legal to do so.
* Search incoming hardcopy and electronic mail for evidence of subscribed push-feed information services such as satellite service providers and cable distribution networks. Hand these over to your information processing agent for litigation, final disbursal, and termination.
* Primary withdrawal symptoms among those addicted may appear immediately, but will lessen within 42 days. Longer term effects may not subside for one or two years. Affected subjects will normally seek replacement drugs, offer marijuana or safer alternatives to reduce their need for television.

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His Holiness The Dalai Lama will be giving teaching sessions and… I’m pretty sure ‘sermon’ isn’t the right word… but speaking at the Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor this weekend. It’s a big arena, University of Michigan plays basketball in there. As much as I would like to attend, I’m pretty sure I can’t get a ticket, I feel my seat would better benefit someone else, and I wouldn’t know what to wear… I’m pretty sure a 1979 yellow DEVO jumpsuit wouldn’t cut it. The news media is in the area, I’m guessing from Chicago, I don’t think there’s very many actual news agencies left in Detroit. So, what kind of outrageous garbage can I make up about this instead?

So um, like, uh, yeah, I’m in line at McDonalds for breakfast this morning, and I look back and the Dalai Lama is right behind me. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I started looking at his glasses, I think he has the same brand of frames that I do. Anyway, it seems he was down at the Blind Pig late last night checking out the local punk scene and did a few too many Jager Bombs downstairs at the 8-ball Saloon. I thought he was going to order an Egg-a-muffin, but he went for the pancakes. Apparently it’s hard to get Vermont Maple Syrup in Tibet, or India, or whereever he keeps da crib. He had a bunch of those new gold dollar coins, apparently they’re easier when you don’t normally carry a wallet.

Yeah, right. Well, I have a friend who will be attending, so hopefully we’ll get more on this.

POST EDIT: here’s the more:

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Gun pried from Charleton Heston’s cold dead fingers by damned dirty apes.

Be sure to watch all ten commandments next time it’s on TV. C’mon admit it… you fall asleep after about the sixth or seventh, or change it over to Roller Derby ’cause Grandma’s passed out. If you stay up for all ten, you can see the Ark of the Covenant at the very very last scene, yeah, the one that says “The End” in pretty script. It’s kinda deja-vu… you’ve seen it before, but it was there first.

There’s a scene near the end of “The Ten Commandments” where the golden calf is being forged, and everybody is dancing and hammering and it’s a big old-fashioned (pre-CGI) live action shot that only the calibre of Cecil B. DeMille could have done. Watch carefully in the foreground, one of the poor slobs carrying ladles of molten gold stubs his toe or something… there’s an abject look of PAIN on his face for a few seconds, but he recovers and keeps going. I salute you, unnamed extra… you kept your stuff together in a massive scene and avoided one more retake. I’m guessing it took a week just to do that one shot.

Hey, does this mean there’ll be a Chuckie Heston marathon on the movie channels?

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