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Pay the modest fee, stretch out on the chaise, and elucidate your thoughts. We’ll just blame it all on your mother.

Yes, we have Ninja Droids.

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Kinda sounds like your dog ate a crayon, eh?  PepsiCo, Inc. has released their latest open marketing contest winner… and I’m about to try it… so here is a first hand review of a new flavor of my favorite carbonated high-fructose corn syrup sweetened soft drink:

Tastes like Skittles.

I’m increasingly seeing Mexican Coca-Cola on store shelves in this area, much more “Refresco” if you ask me.  Real sugar makes a real difference.

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I took some paid vacation days from day job recently – I earned a lot of it, it never seemed like a good time to take them, gas prices were crappy and I didn’t really want to go anywhere anyway… but I can’t wrap too many of them around the start of the new year, so I had lots of plans for doing things around the house.


It took me a week to unscrew my head from diurnal circadian dronefullness, another week to self-realize my ineptitude, and a week to… write a kick ass program.  I love programming over Christmas holidays, I find I get months of work done in days if I just don’t have to… you know, the normal everyday drill.  When I can get up, start drinking boozed coffee at 9 AM, continue to 9 PM taking occasional breaks for refrigerator raidage, and otherwise just hammer out an application, I get a hell of a lot done.

I did buy a bunch of chrome-wire shelf racks, like 7 of them.  I got a few put together, it’s not particularly easy, but not difficult.  Step one is “Decide where to put it”, which is a bit of an argument, then there’s “Clean the area” which is usually allergically difficult for me.  A morality of “Let sleeping dust lie” only goes so far and lasts so long.

Anyway, I learned a lot about dot NET programming.  I brewed a bad batch of beer once a long time ago, it just never seemed to really get going, as I used dried yeast.  I added some “yeast nutrient” to the wort, it’s the same stuff they add to frozen pizza dough so it can actually be thawed and still used to make a pizza.  The “yeast nutrient” was an ammonium salt.  Yeah, the yeast perked up and it made some decent beer, but the flavor was… modified.  Ever since learning what that stuff was, I can taste the ammonia in pizza crust made from frozen dough.  You’ll never catch me ordering from some major pizza chains.  Microsoft development is a lot like that.  Once you learn what else is out there, there’s something in the Microsoft development model that just tastes BAD, and there’s not really anything you can do about it.  However, you can eat it, it works most of the time, and there’s plenty of people who don’t care and will never know the difference.  Bugs Bunny shrug: “It’s a living”.

So I wrote a multi-threaded work task engine.  It’s leaking memory, but I’m beating the crud out of it, and there are many ways to fix it.  It might be half-way done for what I’d like to see it be able to do, but I have pretty high hopes.  I learned a lot doing it, and it should help me over the next year.

I’ve toned down on the Fallout 3 for a while.  Good god what a time sink.  I’m fairly certain my eyes are another quarter diopter off just for that reason alone.

So I should be getting back to splitting water again, I had to take a break to beat back the encroaching threats and indulge my human entertainment cravings.  Shut up, I’ve already paid for this!

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* Locate all television reception devices in the target domicile. They are easily confused with computer monitors, look for a “channel selector”.
* Find the power and information cables to each device. Using a pair of wire snips or cable cutters, cut the cables free of the devices.
* The devices are temporarily neutralized, however you are not yet free of their effect. They must be completely removed from the targeted environment. Also disengage any additionally connected equipment (“STEREO”), which are ‘multi use’ and may have some value.
* Once outside of the target domicile, the devices can be rendered nearly harmless by discharging small arms through the viewing plate. This has propaganda value, perform this act publically if legal to do so.
* Search incoming hardcopy and electronic mail for evidence of subscribed push-feed information services such as satellite service providers and cable distribution networks. Hand these over to your information processing agent for litigation, final disbursal, and termination.
* Primary withdrawal symptoms among those addicted may appear immediately, but will lessen within 42 days. Longer term effects may not subside for one or two years. Affected subjects will normally seek replacement drugs, offer marijuana or safer alternatives to reduce their need for television.

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I was glancing at someone playing GTA4 recently and heard Ace Frehley’s “Back in the New York Groove”. I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, they thought I was a dork for actually knowing what it was.
funny graphs

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“I have a compulsive tendency to say things that I know are true that people don’t want to be true.  In most of society, that practice works disastrously, if you prove it, they hate you even more.”

– Hans Reiser, as reported by WIRED Magazine

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His Holiness The Dalai Lama will be giving teaching sessions and… I’m pretty sure ‘sermon’ isn’t the right word… but speaking at the Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor this weekend. It’s a big arena, University of Michigan plays basketball in there. As much as I would like to attend, I’m pretty sure I can’t get a ticket, I feel my seat would better benefit someone else, and I wouldn’t know what to wear… I’m pretty sure a 1979 yellow DEVO jumpsuit wouldn’t cut it. The news media is in the area, I’m guessing from Chicago, I don’t think there’s very many actual news agencies left in Detroit. So, what kind of outrageous garbage can I make up about this instead?

So um, like, uh, yeah, I’m in line at McDonalds for breakfast this morning, and I look back and the Dalai Lama is right behind me. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I started looking at his glasses, I think he has the same brand of frames that I do. Anyway, it seems he was down at the Blind Pig late last night checking out the local punk scene and did a few too many Jager Bombs downstairs at the 8-ball Saloon. I thought he was going to order an Egg-a-muffin, but he went for the pancakes. Apparently it’s hard to get Vermont Maple Syrup in Tibet, or India, or whereever he keeps da crib. He had a bunch of those new gold dollar coins, apparently they’re easier when you don’t normally carry a wallet.

Yeah, right. Well, I have a friend who will be attending, so hopefully we’ll get more on this.

POST EDIT: here’s the more:

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Have you ever talked to your goldfish? You can explain difficult technical problems. You can enumerate the various solutions and elucidate the counter problems which can occur. You can present arguments toward a psychology which enables long-term highly profitable actions while managing the one-off exceptions to a system which solves 99% of the problems. You can optimize your system by demonstrating simple techniques which will enable great savings of resources for a minimum of effort. Advanced particle physics, political sociology in election years, the latest search engines algorithms… you can tell your goldfish all of these. But when you’re done, what does it say in return?


I know too many goldfish. I just have to keep reminding myself that my fingerprints and DNA are on record at the FBI, and that I’ll never get away with it.

Can anybody tell I’m having a rather unproductive day?

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I have decided that I like the B-52’s new album “Funplex“. It took a few listens, but now that a few of the songs are permanently engrained into my brain, it’s hard to tell if I like it or am just starving for good music. I’m convinced it’s a little of both. Barnes and Noble takes PayPal, Amazon does NOT.

The girls singing “Juliet of the Spirit” are haunting me. My eyes are wide open, and I’m at the mall on a diet pill ordering a Seven-Up at the Taco Tiki Hut. I wonder who my daytime waitress will be?

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This is gonna take a long time. I have to do the graphics, the plugins, the… everything. It’s a lot, I know how to change everything, so it’s all going to need changing. Right now, I’m just getting started on the security. I’ve dealt with WordPress before, and I know how to read PHP, so this is going to take a while. Maybe even two or three whiles.

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