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On order:

6 hides of silver lambskin (Pearlized “Smoke”), 9 square feet each
1 hide of black patent leather, 6 square feet
1 hide of black suede goatskin, 8 square feet
1 scrap of black suede goatskin, 2 square feet
5 yards x 63 inches of Kevlar type K-159 style 779 (correctional facility stab-resistant)
2 square feet of Silver/Nylon conductive cloth

Stuff I already have:

Black Sun Silky anti-static nylon liner
3M Thinsulate 100 weight


Common Sense “twist lock” fasteners, cloth-to-cloth
300 meters of Gutermann grey polyester upholstery thread
regular all-purpose black polyester thread for the lapel stitching
thin cheap thread for overlocking leather edges
zippers for lining

Pattern: Walker’s Western Wear of Arizona pattern M-9206 (Long Hunt Coat)

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“Would I benefit the planet more by ceasing Facebook use, or simply by lighting my f*rts?”

Thank you for NOT sending in videos of either.

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I have another admission to make.  I sew.  It started a long long time ago… I used to watch my mother sew when I was very young, but a year or so ago the realization that I actually know how to sew hit me.  It rekindled with just not wanting to pay $50 for shirts made overseas that didn’t fit, but my newfound stitching bug now has me making more diabolical plans.

I have in my possession four (4) red patent leather pig hides, which is enough to make a rather large coat, one my size.  As I live in Michigan, I’ll be insulating it, and of course it will need a proper liner.

The leather is pretty lightweight, the thinsulate is really thick, and the innermost liner is paper thin and slippery. I’m also using some red velvet for some of the facings.  This is definitely going to be harder than polyester-cotton work shirts. (Burda pattern 7767 rocks!)

This all adds up to a lot of planning on how to sew the liner to the coat, which seems pretty mysterious to me.  Why does it hold together?  Why would it fit?  How many needles am I going to break doing this?  The only way to find out is to do it, but there’s no material I’d bother to use to make a coat that is cheap… so do or die, this is going to have to happen and mistakes may be costly.  The leather is slightly more expensive than some Cashmere wool, so one way or another.


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