Gun pried from Charleton Heston’s cold dead fingers by damned dirty apes.

Be sure to watch all ten commandments next time it’s on TV. C’mon admit it… you fall asleep after about the sixth or seventh, or change it over to Roller Derby ’cause Grandma’s passed out. If you stay up for all ten, you can see the Ark of the Covenant at the very very last scene, yeah, the one that says “The End” in pretty script. It’s kinda deja-vu… you’ve seen it before, but it was there first.

There’s a scene near the end of “The Ten Commandments” where the golden calf is being forged, and everybody is dancing and hammering and it’s a big old-fashioned (pre-CGI) live action shot that only the calibre of Cecil B. DeMille could have done. Watch carefully in the foreground, one of the poor slobs carrying ladles of molten gold stubs his toe or something… there’s an abject look of PAIN on his face for a few seconds, but he recovers and keeps going. I salute you, unnamed extra… you kept your stuff together in a massive scene and avoided one more retake. I’m guessing it took a week just to do that one shot.

Hey, does this mean there’ll be a Chuckie Heston marathon on the movie channels?

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