On order:

6 hides of silver lambskin (Pearlized “Smoke”), 9 square feet each
1 hide of black patent leather, 6 square feet
1 hide of black suede goatskin, 8 square feet
1 scrap of black suede goatskin, 2 square feet
5 yards x 63 inches of Kevlar type K-159 style 779 (correctional facility stab-resistant)
2 square feet of Silver/Nylon conductive cloth

Stuff I already have:

Black Sun Silky anti-static nylon liner
3M Thinsulate 100 weight


Common Sense “twist lock” fasteners, cloth-to-cloth
300 meters of Gutermann grey polyester upholstery thread
regular all-purpose black polyester thread for the lapel stitching
thin cheap thread for overlocking leather edges
zippers for lining

Pattern: Walker’s Western Wear of Arizona pattern M-9206 (Long Hunt Coat)

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

All of the leather and textiles have been ordered, leather should be here today.
(and later) It’s very good.  It really does look great, and a quick layout and placement with the pattern pieces suggests that I bought the right amount of everything, other than the patent black, and I wanted leftovers of that.  The goat skin is so soft as to resemble… well, it’s like a chamois, almost double sided.  The silver lamb skins are pretty soft, and a little thinner than I thought they would be.  Here’s a shot with the sleeve parts set on top, mind that the pattern pieces need to be trimmed, and two inches added to the “lengthen or shorten here” lines:


This is all 6 of the silver hides in a pile, so the pic is somewhat misleading.  Fashion Leathers International shipped immediately via Priority USPS, the service was excellent.  This is quality stuff, and the cost was not excessive, but something to be considered.  It’s worth it.  I spent an evening reading their FAQ about the sizing, it seems to have been correct and my estimates weren’t too off.  I’ll have to do the lapels in two parts as the goat skin is a little irregular, but it was expected.  The smaller piece of goat is for the inner collar (against the back of my neck), which will also be in two parts.  The back of the collar will be patent black, along with the pocket flaps.  I could add piping, some grey with reflectivity would really trick this out, but seems kinda cheeky (artificially important).
Okay, primary materials are collected or on the way.  Time to get cutting.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

I’ve cut and modified the pattern.  Here’s a pic of the goat suede getting cut:
I’m convinced that a zip-out liner isn’t difficult, and that the first one should be something pretty light, probably just the anti-static liner and kevlar (no thinsulate).  The kevlar won’t really cut with scissors, this will involve a hardware store run to see the best pair of hardened steel electric sheet metal shears I can get.

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