* Locate all television reception devices in the target domicile. They are easily confused with computer monitors, look for a “channel selector”.
* Find the power and information cables to each device. Using a pair of wire snips or cable cutters, cut the cables free of the devices.
* The devices are temporarily neutralized, however you are not yet free of their effect. They must be completely removed from the targeted environment. Also disengage any additionally connected equipment (“STEREO”), which are ‘multi use’ and may have some value.
* Once outside of the target domicile, the devices can be rendered nearly harmless by discharging small arms through the viewing plate. This has propaganda value, perform this act publically if legal to do so.
* Search incoming hardcopy and electronic mail for evidence of subscribed push-feed information services such as satellite service providers and cable distribution networks. Hand these over to your information processing agent for litigation, final disbursal, and termination.
* Primary withdrawal symptoms among those addicted may appear immediately, but will lessen within 42 days. Longer term effects may not subside for one or two years. Affected subjects will normally seek replacement drugs, offer marijuana or safer alternatives to reduce their need for television.

2 Responses to ““Engineers Guide to Kundalini”, step 1 – TURN OFF YOUR TV”
  1. Seneca Rapson says:

    Seeing as you are using WordPress, I hope you have taken the necessary precautions to protect your server’s CPU cycles.

  2. Thank you very much, very nice link! However, I’m not running a Microsoft kernel, and I have a well tuned database. My 2 AMD CPUs are running 100% at all times on BOINC projects. Other than that, all other processes take less than 1% CPU on average. Recompiling the firewall script (about 26 rules across 8 IPs with full optimization) usually takes a bite for a whole minute. CPU is not the bottleneck on this server. :-)

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