I think I might do a few calculations on this technology chain.

Referencing a Kohler 26KW residential generator model 30RYG ( http://www.kohlerpower.com/onlinecatalog/pdf/g4099.pdf ) and observing significant figures…

Assumptions (yeah, yeah, => ass-u-me):

Generator needs 5.1 cubic meters / hour of LPG (or 12.7 m3/hr of natural gas) at 100% load
Generator needs another 1.8 cubic meters / minute of combustion air
LPG (or Natural Gas) burn in this generator at 8% concentration (<= IS THIS RIGHT)
Hydroxy burns at 4% concentration (<= IS THIS RIGHT)


LPG: 5.1 m3/hr = 5100 liters/hr = 85 liters/min
Air: 1.8 m3/min = 1800 liters/min
Engine: a 1.6 liter 4-stroke engine consuming 85 + 1800 liters/min would be running at (1885 * 2 / 1.6) = 2360 or approximately 2400 RPM, which seems reasonable, so the math looks good
Hydroxy: 4%/8% * 85 liters/min = 42 liters/min

I need to generate 42 liters per minute of hydroxy gas in order to run this generator at 100% capacity.  (Why is 42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything?)

* Maintenance:  Multiple generators of lesser output might be better in that one at a time can be shut down for maintenance.
* Tax lawyer:  When you call the power company to pull your electric meter, they’re going to rat you out, and whatever state you live in is still going to want the taxes you used to pay on it.
* Optional grid power: you can install a transfer switch backwards (uses the grid in emergencies)

The hydroxy cells are going to need to be very efficient, which is not most people’s concern as they are using spare alternator amperage within a vehicle.  I’m not going to argue physics, I like Smack’s attitude on this, which I believe can be summarized as “Who cares, does it work?”  This scenario is totally dependent on this as-yet (not that I’ve seen anyway) unproven idea: The generator will produce enough to power the hydroxy generators and what’s left over will power the house.

Okay, so once again assuming all of this works, is it worth it?  Assuming the sky is blue, grass is green, you are Elmer Fudd Millionaire and live in a mansion or a yacht, the earth is flat, and the dollar is worth what it was in 1969…

Average power bill: $200
Average natural gas bill: $300
Generator: $13K
Changing all the appliances to use electricity (furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, stove, oven): $7K
Cost of 25 2lpm hydroxy generators ($300 each): $7.5K
Yearly maintenance: $1K
Legal: $20K

Investment: 13 + 7 + 7.5 + 20 = $47.5K
Cost savings: $6K / year gross, $5K less yearly maintenance

About 9 – 10 years.  Assuming the engines last 9 – 10 years, your hard fought tax-exempt status lasts that long, and there’s not a smoking crater where your house used to be, this should pay for itself.  A little more than half of this if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that won’t need litigation.

Maybe less if you can sell excess power back to the grid. By the way, don’t assume you can do this.  Just putting the electricity ‘backwards’ can KILL a power company employee working on broken lines, when your illegal juice goes ‘backwards’ through the transformers.  Yes, they *will* prosecute you for negligent homicide if they catch you, more likely your power just won’t come back on until they find out who’s doing it.  Days later.

And now… the bottom line.

Amount of hydrocarbons emitted as a result of your self-sufficient energy production:

BIG FAT GOOSE EGG ZERO, BABY!  (but remember to recycle your motor oil)

and claiming fair-use of the American Express copyright,

Feeling you get when laughing at the meter reader:
(yeah, you know the word)

2 Responses to “WFC ROI”
  1. You’ve got the best read and smarts as far as I can tell on this HHO gig.
    Nice job on the meyer dwg!

    How is the inductor coming for the HV?

    I might be able to help. I suggest using an old flyback transformer ferrite core. Its like a rectangle about 3×2″ you can take apart for easy wire winding.

    I built a high voltage circuit using one and it immediately began to sing.

    Can I buy a PCB for your meyer circuit ?


  2. We just had an old TV repair shop around the corner close it’s doors. I never managed to get inside, just never found the time. They might have had some good stuff.

    I’ve got lots of good inductors, just need to get my butt in gear and wind them up.

    Sorry, I don’t have any plans at this time for selling the PCBs, but I’ll continue to think about it. That’s a lot of time and effort, and I’m already getting bogged down by minutiae per diem. I think I’ll be making more time now that I’m burning out on my current computer game obsession, day job still has ups and downs, and I suspect that will be slowly increasing on my bioenergy expenditures.

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