I work for a nice place. I’ve worked for a lot of crummy places, so I know the difference. If you haven’t worked somewhere they have padlocks on the garbage cans and you lock your phone receiver off the hook in your desk drawer when you go home at night, consider yourself lucky. At any rate, my Current Employer recognizes the difference between just paying employees a wage to do a job, and making it something they want to do. The management makes goals each year, if we meet those goals, there are rewards. Rewards do amazing things for working people. They turn unwilling “that’s not my job” employees into “how can I help you sir” positive thinkers.

So I have a little money to do something with at the moment. We made the goals, and I have my employee incentive profit-sharing. Not a lot or anything, but more than nothing. I asked Wife, and she had a good idea. The new digital TV standard is pretty much finalized, NTSC is dying, and I have a twenty-something inch Zenith console tube at home… it’s time to buy an entertainment monitor.

I’m not even sure I want a tuner on it, but yeah, come to think of it, that might come in handy in case of… what? We don’t watch any actual television at our house any more. We play DVDs, we watch video tapes, and I still haven’t built a MythTV box. All that extra stuff is on top of the big wood console, and if I got rid of that, I would have to replace it with shelves or something else.

So I need an LCD TV that fits inside the wood cabinet of an old Zenith console TV. I’m looking forward to removing the old guts. First, I can use the flyback transformer to build a tesla coil. That ought to scare the drool out of the cats well, just about anybody. What’s that pink mist out by the bird feeder? I can also use the huge remainder of space in the cabinet for more shelves, or for a cat fort, it will be nice and warm in there. Should I go ahead and pimp the sound system? Ah, maybe I’ll wait on that.

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