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I’ve become a fan of bitcoins.  They make sense to me.

I’ve read the paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.  I can follow most of it, although I don’t profess to understand every minute detail of every reference given.  It’s a very neat set of ideas wrapped into a software tool.  It’s self contained and the meshed data has a replication factor.  I like the Fred Saberhagen series on berzerker killer android self-replicating robots.  I also like the flying arms on Lexx, but Fred goes into more details about the internal programming.  Berzerker logic is circular, completely self contained, and includes AI routines that pit humans against each other when they can be exploited.  Bitcoin is a digital decentralized cryptocurrency designed to disenfranchise any central authority over the currency.

* decentralized nature makes it difficult to exploit
* decentralized nature also means well-intentioned controls are also difficult to implement
* All transactions are public, but tracing persons (from transactions) is difficult
* public acceptance is lacking, system is underdeveloped
* requires technology, not suitable for use in impoverished areas
* impossible to totally kill (i.e. the monster already walks this earth)
* paperless
* design of system is inherently self-sustaining and balancing

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