Italian canned anchovies
Mario ‘party stuffer’ pitted empty olives
Hendrick’s Gin

Dump the olives in a big bowl and pour off the water.  Open the anchovies and pour off the liquid. Optionally, chop the anchovies two or three times.  Grasp an olive in one hand, and an anchovy in the other, and shove the fish into the olives.  Put the olives back in the jar.

Put a big slanty triangular martini glass into the freezer.  Pour the cheapest possible white vermouth over ice, shake once, pour off most/all of the vermouth (to taste).  Pour in Hendricks, cap and shake hard (gin is evil, beat it up) for 30 seconds (hum Jeopardy!).  Strain into cold glass.  Add two or three olives on a toothpick.  Let melt slightly, when the temperature is correct for drinking, both the olive and anchovy oils with become translucent in droplets floating on top. Femtoscopic microcosms will be evolving in your hand, so hold carefully and sip slowly.  May cause hallucinations, convulsions, conniption fits, death, out of body experiences, kundalini enlightenment, elephantiasis of the genitals, and/or intoxication.

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