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Is the world really ready for a social networking web site dedicated to videos of people lighting farts? One quick (and yeah, I mean quick) glance at just the names of the current binary newsgroups should probably convince me. I can hop a flight across the Atlantic to Lower Potrzwebie, shell out a few hundred € Euros for a few terabytes of really disgusting porn (with model licenses/indemnity), order a serial-addressed SCSI array from NewEgg, pop by the colo datacenter and load it up. A few PHP pages here and there, some Perl glue, a few emails to a flat rate online Automated Clearing House (if PayPal isn’t cool with it)… I’ll peel off a few grand a month, right? Oh wait, morals. Oh, and passport, Wife keeps telling me to get one of those. Okay, so I’ll have to fake it for the time being.

Should I make a big stinky honking boob-flashing hemorrhoid-stomping screaming bejeezus porno front page in which every link just goes to this stupid blog? I’ve mentioned the new domain name to a few friends. The ones that know me, well, they just giggle. That’s kinda what I was hoping for, I mean hey, all seriousness aside… How serious could this possibly be? If I put up a ‘submissions’ link and actually take donations of videos… now wait a minute… I’ll actually have to look at them right? Yeah, maybe I’ll think about this some more after I have a jar of grade school paste for lunch, that sounds appetizing in comparison.

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This is gonna take a long time. I have to do the graphics, the plugins, the… everything. It’s a lot, I know how to change everything, so it’s all going to need changing. Right now, I’m just getting started on the security. I’ve dealt with WordPress before, and I know how to read PHP, so this is going to take a while. Maybe even two or three whiles.

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