Top 4 Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Android in 2022

Top 4 Play to Earn NFT Games for Android in 2022

You must have heard a great deal about play to earn games but perhaps not much about the compatible devices. It is easy to assume that this new gaming model is only suitable for gaming consoles or PCs. But the fact is that players can also enjoy some of these play to earn games on their mobile devices. In other words, the players don’t have to wait for the time when they arrive back home with their console. They can now install and play the games on mobile devices.

The compatible mobile operating system is the Android, and since this model allows players to earn money, it is worth the effort. Remember that play to earn games have a rewarding model for players who are equal investors in the game. When they accomplish different contests or complete a task, they earn in-game tokens, and some of these tokens are exchangeable in the game or the marketplace. NFT games bring the possibility of earning huge rewards from playing these games to reality. 

Now, you don’t even have to worry about the availability of an entire gaming console anymore. You can try them out on your Android devices and continue to make your money. This article has compiled some of the top options of play to earn games that are particularly downloadable on your mobile device with Android operating system software. Before we discuss the specific games compatible with Android devices, we would like to discuss the peculiarity of playing these P2E games on your mobile devices.

What is unique about play to earn games on Android?

The possibility of earning from playing games used to be a farfetched idea, but the invention of NFT games changed that. In the NFT gaming marketplace, the P2E model and in-game assets are of immense value, and these games are therefore in huge demand. Moreover, game lovers and players can also begin to earn passive income from playing these games. The popularity of these NFT games can also be minimal for initial investment and a subsequent valid return.

As for their compatibility with Android mobile OS, users have a great deal on their hands. Also, these NFT games are top-rated because of the initial investment, and then the subsequent return was valid. At the same time, these Android NFT games can allow the players even to earn rewards with the other players. They can draw the various gaming genres are different, including strategy, actions, and hyper-casual settings. 

Top Play to Earn Games for Mobile devices

  1. Axie Infinity

The number one NFT game to consider, whether on the gaming console or the mobile device, is the Axie Infinity. The fame of this game has further popularized the set of NFT games. At the same time, this Axie Infinity is also built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, and the rewards can therefore be converted into the ETH coin. This game comprises a charming way of different characteristics that are also minor. 

Top 4 Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Android in 2022

The concept is also dependent on the lovely monsters known as the Axies that are unique to the others. For instance, the Axies could be vital in strength and other qualities. Since its first launch in 2018 when Axie Infinity became notorious for the amount of money these players are making with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the game’s core objective is to breed as many kinds of axies as possible and in their different kinds. 

Players can also trade these tokens with other players within the game. On the other hand, they can trade the in-game tokens or buy and sell within the marketplace. 

  1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is also well-known for its suitability with the Android OS of mobile devices. The game development company is also known as the Splinterlands, while the game is based on playing cards. Perhaps, this simplicity of the game is one of the reasons why it is very suitable to be integrated into a mobile device. Also, as a card-based NFT game, it allows individual players who are tired of mere card playing to derive income through a play-to-earn model.

Players who need financial liberty and love playing card games can take advantage of this opportunity. This game also begins with a player having access to a set of cards. As the game proceeds and the player wins, he gains access to more rounds of the card-playing adventure. It only takes a short period before the number of cards can increase. In addition, you can also win DEC tokens that can help you complete every week.

Top 4 Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Android in 2022
  1. Forest Knight

The next play-to-earn game to check out is the Forest Knight, in which the central character is the knight. This game has a strategy that can transport the player’s character into a fantasy realm. It can also turn the game into a full-fledged economy of different token standards. In addition, there is a large virtual area of different places, creatures, characters, and entertaining stuff for discovery. 

The player will then continue to advance from one level to another higher level. On the contrary, the player character can crash or gain some necessary experience to sync the entire game as one when the player participates in the player-vs-player (PVP) mode, which a player can only qualify for at level 6. You get a notable NFT with other helpful items when you complete the assignment. Also, there are more than 100 objects within the game environment.

As you play the game, you can also assemble a team of knights who have various powers and fighting styles. Meanwhile, the progress allows the players to create a new city to build a virtual economy. At the same time, the citizens must possess enough food, shelter, clothing, equipment, and other necessary items of immense value to them. Remember that it takes an entire armor or weapons to defend your city against attacking monsters and dragons. 

  1. Delta Time

Delta time is one top NFT games suitable for download and play using an Android-based device. The general expectation or idea is that the player who would love this will already be a Formula One lover. Therefore, what the game does is integrate the gaming platform. Meanwhile, it may not show to have its fundamental components in place before you begin to play the game. However, you can discover very many fascinating characteristics of the game.

Players within the Delta Time category can be dicey at times, but one thing is sure: this game is about racing. The players can navigate the GrandPrix mode; all centered on blockchain technology. Another peculiar feature of this game is the ERC-20 shock that can serve as a REVV in-game asset in the form of valuable cryptocurrencies. 

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