How to Upgrade your Clicgear Buggy in 2021

Is it time to consider an upgrade for your clicgear buggy? Before you sideline your clicgear buggy for a new one, you may want to explore ways to get better value from it. While golfers consider the best way to ease up the clicgear buggy spin, they also seek more convenience. Apart from the comfort, golfers also need the golf buggy to contain extra space for keeping golf items. Some of the peculiar golf items include the GPS tracker, clothing items, and other accessories.

Apart from golf items, the golfers may even like to keep personal effects such as drink bottles, mobile phones, wallets, wristwatches and other things. Besides, some of the golf buggies also have seats to rest when the golfers need them. Therefore, this article will analyze some of the extra items that you can add to your clicgear buggy as an upgrade. Below are some of these standard items and clicgear buggy accessories that add additional value.

We make a list below as comprehensive as possible so that you can find the most valuable items to add to your clicgear buggy. The list of clicgear golf accessories you need can be endless because of the other things we may not mention here. For instance, you may want to consider the benefits of a mesh bag, cup holders, umbrella stand, sand bottle, and golf shoe holders in your game experience. Nevertheless, explore the ones we have here:

The Clicgear GPS Holder

You can add a clicgear GPS holder to your clicgear buggy to create different use. A part of the buggy can hold your GPS tracker, a vital part of your golf play. Since this tool is a priority to your game, you need to make room for it. A GPS holder remains an integral part of your clicgear buggy.

Clicgear Steering Knob

At the same time, an essential part of your clicgear buggy is the presence of an immediate clicgear steering knob that gives better control to users. The main essence of the steering knob is to ensure that you can manoeuvre your clicgear buggy in whatever direction you desire. Besides, it has an ergonomic design that works for either left-handed or right-handed players with ease. In addition, you can also screw your steering knob into the umbrella mount to make control much more manageable. However, that means you cannot use both features at the same time.

Clicgear Seat

You can also get a clicgear buggy seat accessory added to the clicgear buggy through retail stores such as Meanwhile, this component is also convenient at both the beginning and end of your golf round. 

Clicgear Rangefinder Valuables Bag

Clicgear buggy can also allow golfers to add a valuables bag to collect valuable items to their golf experience. This item is crucial to store up valuables that may otherwise be lost during play. For instance, you can keep your wallet or phones inside the valuables bag, particularly if you don’t need them while in space. The position of the clicgear buggy valuables bag is also worth mentioning. It is conveniently attached to the side of the golf buggy Australia itself, and it is easy to pick something from there.

Clicgear Mittens

It will also be a great experience if you add windproof, waterproof mittens to your clicgear buggy collection. The mitt does a great job to keep your hands warm, especially when the weather condition gets frosty and cold. In other words, the clicgear buggy brand, no doubt, has a way of providing for almost every item or tool that you need while playing. It is, therefore, easier to lay hold of giving yourself the best treat with golf products of the latest technology for entertainment and safety.

Clicgear Buggy Booster Clip

The clicgear booster clip is a fitting addition to your clicgear buggy cart already only in a matter of seconds. In addition, some of the clearance issues with certain types of stand bags are solved when you have a booster clip at hand. For instance, you don’t have to worry that much about your golf bag rubbing on the front wheel of your cart. You can use a booster clip on the tour bag kit to fit it in a better position far from the front wheel. Whether you have the clicgear buggy of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5+ models, the clicgear booster clip is perfect.

Clicgear Buggy Bag Extension Kit

When using a clicgear buggy, one item you may also want to consider adding to your collection is the clicgear bag extension kit. Meanwhile, the clicgear bag extension cart is also very suitable with cart bags that may be longer than the ideal. For instance, it is pretty ideal for clicgear buggy models 1.0 through to 3.5+. Also, you can easily install this clicgear buggy extension kit on your saddle length because the former is only about 3 inches (7.5 cm) long.

Clicgear Buggy Wheeled Travel Cover 

The clicgear wheeled travel cover is your number one layer of protection for your clicgear buggy cart. It has a callous layer with padded splash proof polyester that can keep the cart from the water of any kind. This cover may also be instrumental if you have to keep your cart safe before, during or after a golf holiday. It also has a rubberized bottom for safety when placed on the floor, in addition to two large pockets as part of the internal structures. Golfers can use these pockets as a means of storage for golf shoes and other similar items. 

Clicgear GPS Watch Holder

The name of the clicgear GPS watch holder already says a lot about its application. With this device, you can keep your GPS readings visible, accessible and safe at all times during play. Notably, this position can be helpful when their GPS watch is not on your wrist (not everyone enjoys having it on the wrist, by the way). 

This component is also very nice for keeping some of your precious items, including your GPS watch, on the cart handle. The clicgear GPS watch holder is made of rubber that is such a durable material that it fits the wrist. On the other hand, as a sports strap, you can easily mount it on the foam rubber grip of the clicgear buggy itself. 

How to Upgrade your Clicgear Buggy in 2021

Clicgear Storage Hook

You have one less thing to worry about when you have the clicgear storage hook on your clicgear buggy. This component provides you with an excellent option to hang in your clicgear buggy, especially when it is not in use. One obvious advantage is that you can easily store your buggy at will. You can also use this clicgear storage hook both at home and at a local golf course. At the same time, this product has its screws and specific instructions for mounting.